Q:App froze and cannot operate.

A:Please follow the instructions below, so that you close App fully and restart one.
  1. Press Home button, so App closes.
  2. Double-click Home button, so list of recently used Apps' (include "HANAFUDA Japan" App's) icon bring up.
  3. Press and hold the App's icon until it starts to become jiggy and a red "-" appears in the top left hand corner of the icon.
  4. Press the red "-", so App closes fully.
  5. Press Home button and press the App's icon, so you can restart fully and play.

Q:Cannot hear Sound Effect.

A:Please follow two points below, you can hear Sound Effect.
  1. In App, "Settings" -> "Sound Effect" to "ON".
  2. iPhone's "Settings" (from Home screen) -> "Sounds" -> Up volume-setting (not Mute state).

Q:Cannot play "2 Players" mode.

A:Please confirm the points below.
  • You confirm that you two download the latest App(*1) to your two devices.
    One device has paid App "HANAFUDA Japan", another device has paid App "HANAFUDA Japan" or free App "HANAFUDA Japan Free" or "HANAFUDA Japan Free Lite". Each Apps require the latest and same version.

  • You confirm correct settings(*2).
    You confirm two correct settings from Home screen(not in App) below.
    • Bluetooth ON (Settings → General → Bluetooth → ON)
    • Wi-Fi OFF (Settings → Wi-Fi → Wi-Fi OFF)

  • You two play App and "2 Players" mode each other.
    You two play App and "2 Players" mode, and touch "Host" on one device, touch "Connect" on another device.
*1:Different App's version is no good to play "2 Players" mode for communicating data each other, so same version Apps required.

*2:Most not working case is by Wi-Fi ON, so please confirm Wi-Fi OFF and Bluetooth ON.

Q:What's the difference between paid and free app?

A:Paid app provides much more features below so that you can feel more Japanese atmosphere, enjoy comfortable and have a good time more with your friends and family!
  • So beautiful cards Echigohana:
    Echigohana is one of Hanafuda card suits, that's color is so beautiful with gold and silver, in some cards described classical Japanese verse Waka that looks traditional Japanese, you can feel JAPAN more!

  • Japanese Festival Musics:
    In addition to Type1 BGM, Type2 BGM is available. Those are Japanese Festival musics very fantastic sounds consists of Japanese instrument drum and frute, you may get the urge to join Japanese Festival :-).

  • Knockout mode:
    You can enjoy knockout competition of 1 Player mode, that's "HANAFUDA Japan" original.

  • HOST:
    In 2 Players mode, you can enjoy with your friends and family having free or paid App.

  • 3 levels of CPU Difficulty:
    In addition to Easy and Normal CPU Difficulties, Hard one is available. So, you play with that and becomes master of Hanafuda!

  • No Ads:
    There is no ads.

Q:Why are there two free apps?

A:There are two free Apps "HANAFUDA Japan Free" and "HANAFUDA Japan Free Lite", basic functionality is same however application size differs.
"HANAFUDA Japan Free" has bigger application size and provides more quality and quantity below, so if you can download both, we recommend you play "HANAFUDA Japan Free".
  • High quality images.
  • More background images.
  • High quality BGMs.
  • More BGMs.
"HANAFUDA Japan Free" is too big to download via 3G(without Wi-Fi or iTunes), but "HANAFUDA Japan Free Lite" is so small that you can download via 3G.

So, in case you have "HANAFUDA Japan"(paid app) your friend have iPhone but have no paid/free app of HANAFUDA Japan and you two want to enjoy two players mode, your friend can download even if in no Wi-Fi/iTunes environment.

Q:What do the different colours of the dots above cards signify?

A:The colours signify month, like the colours of the Japanese Fun(above Draw Pile) also signify month.

You can see a correspondence table of colours and month where "Month Flower" column on cards table at "Help" -> "Cards".