HANAFUDA Japan - Japanese Card Game

HANAFUDA Japan is a Traditional Japanese Card Game!

In This Game,

you can see
  Very Beautiful Cards with the beauties of nature.
  Beautiful and Bright Background Images (Mt. Fuji, Sakura, Castle, etc.)

you can listen
  Japanese Elegantly Japanese Musics and Festival Musics (by Japanese Instruments).

you can enjoy
  Koi-koi game (one of Hanafuda game) with your friends and family via Bluetooth

you can touch
  Smoothly and Comfortable (Good Operability and Visibility).

and you can feel
HANAFUDA Japan top view


- Koi-koi Knockout (Challenging game; competition through hands)
- 2 Players by Bluetooth
- Hanafuda Design set "Hachihachihana" and "Echigohana"
- Japanese Style BGM, "Pure Japanese Musics" and "Japanese Festival Musics"
- iPod BGM available
- iPhone OS 3.0 or higher iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (*1)

*1 : iPhone compatible mode on iPad


You can fully enjoy this "HANAFUDA Japan" by seeing beautiful design cards of which Japan can be proud, by listening Japanese sound of Japanese zither (koto), three-stringed banjo (samisen), vertical bamboo flute (shakuhachi) and drum, with your friends and family.

- Seeing beautiful design Hanafuda cards of which Japan can be proud -
"Hachihachihana" and "Echigohana"

Hachihachihana is one of card design suit of Hanafuda.
This is most popular and common Hanafuda design.
This design was completed by integrated many local Hanafuda designs scattered across Japan on Meiji period.
This design's feature is that the willow's chaff card becomes red "Drum with Ogre".

Echigohana is one of card design suit of Hanafuda, too.  
This Hanafuda design using so beautiful gold and silver color is used to Echigo in Japan.
This visual design is a few different from Hachihachihana, this feature is that there are Chaff cards of January, February, April, May, August
and October describing classical Japanese verse Waka, and the November's Bright card is "Willow with Coarse Oilpaper Umbrella".

- Listening Japanese sound -
"of Japanese zither (koto), three-stringed banjo (samisen), vertical bamboo flute (shakuhachi) and drum"

Hanafuda game is more and more fun by many Japanese style musics include Japanese Festival Musics
composed by those Japanese Instruments above.

- With your friends and family -
"at home, on the move and travel destination the internet isn't available"

You can touch "2 Players" button, and you can game by you and your friend's or family's two iPhone / iPodTouch / iPad devices with your friend or family.
The communication between two devices is realized via Bluetooth, so you can play at home, on the move and travel destination the internet isn't available and so on.
HANAFUDA Japan two players view by Bluetooth


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