2 Players

You can touch "2 Players" button, and you can game by you and your friend's or family's two
iPhone / iPodTouch / iPad devices with your friend or family.

The communication between two devices is realized via Bluetooth,
so you can play at home, on the move and travel destination the internet isn't available and so on.

When you play "2 Players" mode, setting "ON Bluetooth" and "OFF Wi-Fi" are recommended.
(You can also communicate via Wi-Fi especially in case your device don't have Bluetooth.
However, setting the recommended settings leads improved stability and speed of communication/network.) 

How to play 2 Players mode

When one player select "Connect", another player select "Host".

                                                        1.) You touch "2 Players".
                           "Connect" "Host"

Connect (Client side)

2.) After you touch "Connect", you wait until connection establish.
3.) You have connected to your friend.
Now your friend select conditions to match, you wait that.
4.) Your friend have selected conditions, so you touch "Start" to start game.

Host (Server side)

2.) After you touch "Host", you wait until your friend connect to you.
3.) Connection have established. After you select conditions to match, you touch "Start" to start game.